Sosha lets go, completely flooding her pants with pee

Sosha Being a Dork

There isn’t a whole lot that can be said about this video- Sosha acts silly and intentionally pees in her pants.

When we shoot videos for HD Wetting, we shoot several scenes in a single day.  Towards the end of the shoot the models can get a little bit tired, which makes them act a bit silly.  Sosha is really just a big dork at heart, but usually tries to act normal for the camera when we are filming.  She tends to let her guard down a bit when she gets tired, and that is what we see in this video.

The video starts with Sosha contemplating, out loud, about what the microphone might taste like, not realizing that the camera has already started to record.  Once she realizes that she is being filmed, she knows that the video is going to end up published on HD Wetting.  Still, she proceeds with the scene.  Needing to pee, she has no reason not to let go in her pants.   We get treated to an impressive flood.  Afterwards, she shows off her wet clothes to the camera before saying goodbye.

Preview Images

Acting silly, Sosha stands under the boom mic and wonders what it might taste like if she were to eat it
Sosha flips off the camera, realizing she is being recorded
Standing in front of the camera, Sosha explains how she needs to pee and is going to go in her pants
Close up on Sosha's crotch just before she pees in her pants
Close up shot as Sosha starts to pee in her pants
Close up as Sosha completely soaks her pants
Close up on Sosha's face as she pees her pants
Standing in wet pants, Sosha talks about how good it felt to let go
Showing off her wet pants from the back side after peeing in them
Looking cute in her pee soaked pants after wetting herself