Sosha and Alisha Rematch

Sosha and Alisha have another holding contest to see who can hold it the longest. This time $100 is on the line.

Alisha and Sosha have had holding contests previously. Alisha is usually the one who looses, wetting her pants. Will this time be any different?

Besides risking humiliation, $100 also goes to the winner. Both girls end up peeing their pants in this video, but who holds it the longest?

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  1. brian says:

    hi unfortunately this video doesn't work when you click on members watch now it says page can't be found so im not sure what happened to it all other videos work no problem

    • TVGuy says:

      I got your e-mail Brain and I responded. Please let me know if you didn’t get my e-mail back. I believe I know what might have caused the issue and it should be fixed.

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