Standing along a city street in soaking wet pants.

Soaking Her Pants in Public

Few things are as embarrassing as wetting your pants in public.  Yet, that is exactly what Sosha does in this video.

We find Sosha walking along a public street wearing a t-shirt and olive colored pants at the start of this video.  She is walking briskly and seems agitated.  Several times she grabs her crotch and seems to be walking with her legs tightly pressed together.

After crossing the street at an intersection she suddenly freezes and holds herself tightly.  A look of shock and horror spreads across her face as she slowly moves her hands away from her crotch to reveal that she is peeing her pants in public.  The light olive colored fabric of her pants grows visibly dark and glistens with wetness as she pees.

There doesn’t seem to be any stopping it as the wet patch spreads downwards, soaking her pants.  Finally, it seems like her bladder might be empty, but she is left standing on a sidewalk along a public street, cars passing, having clearly just wet herself.  Quickly she runs off to try and avoid further humiliation.

Preview Images

Sosha is walking down the sidewalk looking uncomfortable.
Holding her crotch while walking down the sidewalk.
Sosha briskly crosses the street with her legs tightly together.
Tightly holding her crotch with both hands on a public street corner.
Starting to pee her pants, a small wet patch is visible.
Sosha looks around worried, afraid someone might see as she pees in her pants in public.
Pants soaked, Sosha looks around to see if anyone has noticed.
Sosha looks humiliated as she stands on the sidewalk in soaked pants.
Walking away in her wet pants.
Trying to walk away, there is no way Sosha can hide that she peed her pants.