Streams of pee pour from her pants as she wets herself

Snipe Hunt

The esteemed naturalist, Sosha, has bet her entire career on the existence of the elusive snipe.  It seems as if she is finally going to be able to get the evidence that she needs to prove that the snipe exists, but her bladder proves to be a serious obstacle.

In this video we join Sosha on her expedition, searching for the snipe.  She believes that she has found a burrow belonging to the creature, and is hiding in the grass nearby with a camera to capture photographic evidence when it emerges.  The only problem is that she is desperate to pee.

Five years earlier she had gone out to document evidence of the snipe’s existence, only to be foiled by a full bladder.  She had tracked the snipe to its burrow and was preparing to photograph it, but needed to pee desperately.  Unable to hold it, she temporarily left to relieve herself.  Upon returning, the snipe was gone.

Now it seems as if history may repeat herself.  Once again Sosha finds herself on the verge of photographing the snipe, and once again she finds herself desperately needing to pee.  This time, she is determined that she is not going to miss the snipe no matter what.  No matter how badly she may need to go to the bathroom, she isn’t going to leave until she has successfully caught the snipe on camera.

Just as Sosha reaches the point where she can’t hold back her pee any longer, the snipe emerges from its burrow!  Forgetting about her bladder, she eagerly starts clicking away with her camera.  The entire time she peeing freely into her pants, soaking them.  She is barely aware that she is peeing, however, as she is finally managing to document the snipe.

Finally, she finishes peeing, and the snipe returns to its burrow.  Sosha is overjoyed to have finally captured the snipe on camera.  Sure, she may have peed in her pants, thoroughly soaking them, but it is a small price to pay for science.

Preview Images

Hiding in the tall grass, Sosha is waiting for the snipe
Sosha tells us the story of how she almost photographed the snipe once before, five years ago
Desperate to pee, Sosha isn't about to leave until she photographs the snipe
Finally, the snipe emerges. Sosha excitedly photographs it.
She is so excited to capture the snipe, she barely realizes that she is peeing in her pants.
With a bursting bladder, she pees an impressive amount, creating large streams and soaking her clothes.
As the snipe returns to its burrow, Sosha realizes that she has wet her pants.
She is so excited about having photographed the snipe, she doesn't even care that she wet her pants.
From the back, it is extremely evident that she peed in her pants
Sosha realizes there might be one small problem with her snipe photos