Rear view of Alisha's wet denim shorts.

Sneaky Bathroom Wetting

Alisha intentionally pees in her shorts in the bathroom while Olivia is taking a shower.  Olivia doesn’t know that Alisha is in the bathroom or wetting herself.

In this self-filmed video from Alisha, she is wearing a black t-shirt and denim shorts.  As she films herself, she explains how she thinks it would be funny to sneak into the bathroom while Olivia is in the shower.  Then, standing adjacent to the shower, she would pee her pants without Olivia knowing, only showing the video to Olivia later to prove that she was there.

Continuing to film herself, Alisha carries out her plan.  She shows us that Olivia is in the shower, then sneaks into the bathroom quietly.  Once in the bathroom, she intentionally pees in her shorts, giving us a nice close up on video as she does so.  While still in the bathroom, she shows off her wet shorts to the camera before sneaking back out, Olivia having never realized that she had company.

Preview Images

Alisha films herself with her phone.
Alisha explains how she is going to sneak into the bathroom.
Olivia taking a shower.
Close-up of Alisha's shorts before she pees in them.
Extreme close-up as Alisha starts to pee in her shorts.
Glistening wet patch visible on Alisha's shorts and pee streams down her legs.
Alisha looks surprised after peeing in her shorts.
View from below looking up between Alisha's legs.
View of Alisha wearing her wet shorts from behind.
Olivia in the shower.