Sosha trying to hide that she peed her pants from people passing by.

Small Wetting in Public

How embarrassing!  It seems as if Sosha has peed in her pants in public, at least a little bit.

In this video, we spot Sosha walking along a downtown street on a pleasant evening.  Squeezing her legs as she walks, it seems like she might need to pee.  This suspicion is soon confirmed, as she ends up peeing in her jeans after crossing a street.  At first, she only pees a tiny bit.  It wouldn’t be noticeable to someone who wasn’t carefully watching, but if you pay attention you can see the unmistakable wet spot around her crotch.

At first, it seems like she may have managed to regain control and hold back the flood after only this tiny leak, but then it gets worse.  As a car drives past the wet patch on her jeans starts to extend down her leg.  She does her best to hide it and manages to stop the flow again, but it is much more visible at this point.  To make matters worse, other people are out and about, walking just behind her.  Embarrassed, she runs off to hide so no one will see her accident.

Preview Images

Sosha walks along a downtown street.
Sosha crosses her legs, desperate to pee.
Needing to pee, Sosha presses her legs firmly together.
A small wet spot is visible on h er pants as she starts to wet herself.
The wet patch starts to extend down her leg.
Sosha tries to hide her accident from people passing by.
Continuing to pee in her pants as people walk by.
Sosha walks away trying to hide her embarrassing accident.