Close up as Sosha starts to pee in her jeans

Slow Motion Jeans Wetting

Watch Sosha pee in her jeans in exquisite, silky smooth, high resolution slow motion in this video.

If you have spent much time watching wetting videos on the internet, chances are you have found no shortage of simple wetting videos- A pretty girl, standing in some indoor location, pees in her pants, facing the camera straight on.  Essentially, that is what this video is, only with a slight twist: The wetting is presented in snow motion.

Featuring Sosha wearing a sexy bra and jeans, this video is shot with the typical care of recent HD Wetting videos.  Shot and mastered in 4K, with a stabilized camera and bright, even lighting, the image quality is outstanding.  Sosha briefly explains how she is going to pee in her pants, to be recorded in slow motion, before proceeding to wet herself.  The wetting itself is presented in slow motion, at only about a third of regular speed.

After soaking her pants Sosha says a final goodbye, and we get another look at her wet jeans.  The video comes to an end, and Sosha goes to clean up.

Preview Images

Sosha looks very cute wearing only a sexy bra and jeans
Holding herself just before she pees in her pants
Giving the camera a mischievious look as she talks about wetting her jeans
Sosha invents her own brand of sign language as she explains how the video slow motion effect is going to work
A small wet stain is visible near her crotch as she starts to pee in her jeans
A visible wet patch extends down her right leg as she wets herself, and a visible stream is seen escaping the denim fabric
Sosha's bare feet stand in a pee puddle and a wet stain is visible on the legs of her jeans
Medium shot of the front of Sosha's pants immediately after she peed in them
Sosha has a slightly embarassed smile on her face as she stands in her soaking wet jeans.
Medium shot showing Sosha's soaked pants as she wears them.