Close up of Alisha peeing in her white pants while sitting on the ground.

Sitting on the Ground and Wetting

In this video, Alisha pees in her pants while sitting outside on the ground.  It occurred to us that in most of our videos, the girls pee in their pants while standing.  Most of the time, of course, women pee while sitting on the toilet.  It only seemed appropriate to do a video where the wetting takes place while sitting down.

We join Alisha outside where she is wearing light colored pants, a black hoodie, and a pink shirt.  Sitting on the ground, she explains how she is going to wet herself, but before doing so she wants to rub her pussy a bit to get aroused.  Then, while rubbing herself, she pees in her pants.

The light colored fabric becomes slightly transparent as it becomes wet, allowing us to just barely make out that she is wearing striped panties underneath.  Her pee forms a puddle on the ground around where she is sitting.  After she is done peeing she stops rubbing herself, moving her hand to allow us to get a full view of the wet spot on her pants.

Preview Images

Alisha sitting on the ground outside.
Starting to rub herself.
Alisha gives the camera a naughty glance as she rubs herself through her pants.
A small wet spot is just barely visible as she starts to pee in her pants.
The wet spot grows bigger as she continues to wet herself.
A puddle starts to expand around where she is sitting as she pees.
You can just barely make out she is wearing striped panties as her light pants grow transparent with wetness.
Wide shot of Alisha sitting in her wet pants and pee puddle.
Inspecting her wet pants and puddle.
Still sitting in her puddle and wet pants.