Simultaneous Shower Pee

We join Alisha and Sosha in the shower for this video and Sosha is already bursting to pee. Alisha is wearing only a tiny, white tank top, naked from the waist down. Sosha is wearing only panties, naked from the waist up.

As we watch Alisha and Sosha start the shower, Sosha frantically fights to control her bladder. Alisha, on the other hand, calmly states that she needs to pee. She then stands next to Sosha and lets go. As soon as Alisha starts peeing Sosha can’t take it anymore. A torrent of urine erupts from Sosha’s panties. We get to watch as both girls pee standing next to each other, Sosha through her panties and Alisha nude.

After they are done peeing they proceed to take a shower and clean up. They wash each other with soap, and of course they take some time to make out once they are all soapy and naked.