Sosha intentionally pees in her jeans.

Showering with Sosha

Check out this sexy wet video where Sosha pees in her jeans, then joins Alisha in the shower for some kinky wet lesbian fun.

We start off the video with Alisha in the shower.  Suddenly, Sosha bursts into the bathroom and heads straight to the toilet.  Lifting the lid, she attracts the attention of Alisha, who is curious what she is doing.  Sosha explains that she needs to pee, to which Alisha responds by asking her to wet her pants.  At first Sosha is reluctant, not wanting to clean herself up afterwards, but Alisha offers to let Sosha join her in the shower and help with the clean up.

Anticipating being cleaned by Alisha, Sosha agrees to pee in her pants.  Standing in front of the shower, with Alisha watching, Sosha intentionally lets go, soaking her jeans.  With her jeans wet with pee, she steps into the shower with Alisha.  Immediately, Alisha starts to undress Sosha, then goes down on her.  After Sosha climaxes, they continue to shower together, cleaning up, before leaving the shower and going to get dressed.

Preview Images

While Alisha is in the shower, Sosha enters the bathroom and heads to the toilet
Alisha, in the shower, talks to Sosha on the other side of the shower door
Small wet patch as Sosha starts to pee in her jeans
Large wet patch extends down the leg of Sosha's jeans after she peed in them
Fully dressed, Sosha steps into the shower, her wet pee stain visible on the back of her pants
Sosha is fully clothed as she joins Alisha, nude, in the shower
Alisha goes down on Sosha in the shower
Alisha gives Sosha an orgasm in the shower
Alisha and Sosha, nude, wash each other in the shower
Completely naked, Alisha steps out of the shower