Alisha is peeing her pants while running to the toilet.

She Didn’t Make It

It is a very fine line between making it to the toilet on time and not making it.  Unfortunately, if you don’t make it, it doesn’t really matter how close you were.  This is something Alisha experiences first hand in this embarrassing accident video.

The scene here is quick but packed to the overflow point with desperation.  Shot from a camera installed in the bathroom, Alisha bursts through the door, already starting to lose control, holding herself and pressing her legs together.  She flies through the bathroom toward the toilet, leaking the whole way.

Arriving in front of the toilet, she finds herself unable to cut off the flow.  All she can do is sit down, pants still pulled up, and stop trying to hold it back.  Her pants, already fairly wet from the significant leaking on her way to the toilet, now become fully soaked as she pees freely through them.

Once she finishes peeing she inspects the damage to her pants, perhaps hoping that it isn’t as bad as it seems.  Unfortunately, it really is a pretty major accident.  Ashamed and defeated she leaves the bathroom, still wearing her soaked pants, head hung low.

Preview Images

A view from the bathroom camera shows the door and toilet in a single shot.
Alisha bursts through the bathroom door, desperate to pee.
Clenching her crotch as she speeds towards the toilet.
She is already peeing in her pants as she arrives at the toilet.
Alisha squeezes her legs together, trying to stop peeing, as she lifts up the toilet lid.
Unable to cut off the flow, Alisha sits on the toilet with her pants still pulled up.
Sitting on the toilet, Alisha freely pees through her pants.
Alisha leaves the bathroom, wearing her soaked pants, humiliated.