Sosha angrily hands the phone to Alisha after having wet her pants

She Can’t Hang Up

Unable to get off the phone, Sosha has a humiliating pee accident, completely soaking her tight jeans, in this adorable video.

We all have that one friend.  You know the one, who’s life is non-stop drama, who always needs to be the center of attention, but who is so emotionally fragile that you dare not say or do anything to upset them, for fear of throwing them into a major emotional crisis.  For Sosha and Alisha, that friend is Susan, who’s poorly timed phone call ends up causing Sosha to pee in her pants in this video.

With her bladder already achingly full, Sosha speeds to the bathroom.  She is almost there when the phone rings.  Afraid that it might be an important call, she decides to answer, figuring she can hold on just a bit longer.  The caller, however, turns out to be Susan, who is having yet another crisis.  Susan is obviously in an extremely fragile state, so despite being unbearably desperate to pee, Sosha must be calm and careful not to say anything upsetting.

Luckily, Sosha has a potential exit strategy.  Alisha is also home, and could possible take over the phone call, allowing her to run to the bathroom.  Alisha walks by several times, and Sosha frantically tries to get her attention, but Alisha seems oblivious to Sosha’s situation.  As a result it becomes increasingly difficult for Sosha to maintain control of her bladder.

Despite crossing her legs and tightly clutching her crotch, Sosha is eventually unable to hold back the impending flood.  Still on the phone, listening to Susan’s latest tragedy, Sosha pees in her pants.  Warm rivers of urine cascade down her legs to the floor as she stands in shock, soaking herself, while still trying to pretend she is paying attention to Susan on the phone.

Only after she has completely peed in her pants does Alisha pass by and notice that she just had a major accident.  Angry that Alisha didn’t save her early, Sosha thrusts the receiver at Alisha, forcing her to take over the conversation, as she storms off to clean up her accident.

Preview Images

Sosha runs past the phone on her way to the bathroom
Close up of Sosha's expression when she realizes that she doesn't want to talk to the person who just called her
Desperate to pee, Sosha crosses her legs trying to hold it in
Sosha tries to get Alisha to take over the phone conversation
Close up shot of Sosha tightly crossing her legs, trying not to pee
So desperate she is holding her hand between her legs, Sosha tries to get Alisha's attention
Close up of Sosha tightly holding her crotch, trying not to wet her pants
Close up as Sosha pees in her jeans
Alisha walks around the corner to discover that Sosha wet her pants on the phone
Alisha takes over the phone conversation as Sosha walks away to clean up her accident