Sensual Pee Dance

This is another lengthy desperation video followed by both Alisha and Sosha peeing in their clothes.

In this video Sosha is wearing just her pink panties while Alisha is wearing blue sweat pants. Both girls are desperate to pee.

To make things a bit more interesting while they are holding, we set up some different challenges for the girls. They have cards with instructions they draw at random and must follow what is on the card. One such card instructs Sosha to do a “sensual dance” for Alisha.

We get to watch as Sosha is forced to attempt a sensual dance while desperate to pee. She does her best, but it is difficult with such a full bladder.

The girls are also challenged to drink more, further adding to their desperation. Eventually we get to watch as they both pee in their clothes and undress afterwards.