Alisha pees in her blue leggings

Self Filmed Intentional Wetting

We were really excited this week when Alisha sent us this beautiful, self filmed wetting video to share with all of you.  The video features Alisha, in the bathroom, intentionally peeing in her blue leggings and then masturbating.

Shot alone on her cell phone in the bathroom, what this video lacks in production quality it more than makes up for in content.  We get to watch the stunningly beautiful Alisha Adams playfully flash her breasts at the camera, before purposefully peeing in her blue leggings, visibly soaking them.  After she is done peeing, she takes them off, giving us a look at how wet they got from the inside.

Then, sitting bottomless on the bathroom floor she gives us an amazing view of her soaking wet pussy.  She proceeds to masturbate, and quickly reaches orgasm.  At that point she says goodbye and stops recording.

Preview Images

The incredibly sexy Alisha Adams films herself in this video
Flashing her boob at the camera
Starting to pee in her blue leggings
Continuing to pee more in her leggings
Really soaking her leggings now, visible pee stream running down her legs to the floor
Alisha points the camera down at her bare feet and the puddle she just made
Taking off her wet leggings
Having pulled her leggings down, we can see how wet they are with her pee from the inside
Touching her wet pussy after having peed herself
Sitting on the bathroom floor masturbating