Ryann shows off her jeans after peeing in them

Ryann Wetting Jeans on the Patio

In these photos we head outside with Ryann where she intentionally pees in her snug fitting jeans.

We join Ryann outside where she is standing on the patio, wearing a two-tone shirt and blue jeans.  She poses for the camera, showing off her cute smile, before she pees in her pants.  Several photographs capture the peeing, from the first glimpse of a wet patch between her legs, to streams running down and making a puddle on the deck.

Once she is done peeing she takes some time to enjoy the warm wet feeling.  She shows off her wet jeans for the camera, appearing almost proud that she wet herself.

Preview Images

Looking cute for the camera.
Starting to pee in her pants.
Making a puddle on the deck.
Enjoying her pissy-wet jeans.