Alisha wets her bed after her hand is placed in warm water

Ryann Pranks Alisha

Alisha wets her bed after Ryann places her hand in a bowl of warm water in this cute and silly video.

Watch Ryann Rain play the old hand-in-warm-water prank on Alisha Adams in this video.  If you aren’t familiar with this old slumber party prank, here is how it works.  Once someone is settled into bed, resting comfortably, someone else carefully places their hand into a bowl of warm water.  The sensation of the warm, wet water, tricks the brain into letting go, causing the subject to pee without realizing it.

The prank doesn’t work on everyone.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that it works better on those who pee freely while they are swimming.  Even when it does work, the effect isn’t always immediate; sometimes you have to wait a while.

In this video, Ryann attempts to play this clasic prank on Alisha.  As Alisha lays peacefully on her bed, wearing only panties and a teal t-shirt, Ryann creeps into her room.  Carefully lifting Alisha’s hand, she gently places it into the bowl of warm water, then steps back to watch what happens.

After a few moments, it works.  Alisha begins to pee in her panties, soaking the bed.  As she pees the camera moves in for a closer look.  The dark wet patch is clearly visible on her gray cotton panties.  Once she is done peeing, Ryann carefully removes the water dish, then wakes Alisha.

As soon as Alisha sits up in bed she knows something is wrong.  Finding a puddle on the bed, and her panties soaked, Alisha believes that she had an accident again.  She has no clue that Ryann had played a prank on her.

Preview Images

Ryann getting ready to prank Alisha
Carefully placing Alisha's hand into warm water.
Alisha's hand in a bowl of warm water
Alisha is resting peacefully
Waiting for Alisha to pee
Starting to pee in her panties
Fully wetting the bed
Ryann wakes Alisha
Alisha realizes that something is very wrong
Alisha can't believe she wet her bed again.