Sosha pees in her leggings and exposes herself a long a rural highway.

Roadside Pajama Wetting

In her most daring photo set to date, Sosha pees in her sleepwear (leggings and a tank top) while standing along a rural highway. She then undresses, exposing herself to any cars that might happen to drive by.

Sosha’s assignment for this photo set was simple- A sleepwear wetting photo set with a small catch.  That catch? To do the photo set some place highly inappropriate.  The spot she found was a rural highway through a scenic forest.

In these pictures Sosha looks sexy as she poses for the camera, growing every more desperate to pee.  When she does wet herself, her blue leggings grow visibly dark as her urine soaks into them.  After she is done peeing she poses for several dozen more photos, seemingly unconcerned that any moment someone could pass by and see her soaking wet.  Ultimately, she ends up taking off the wet leggings, fully exposing herself to anyone who might happen by.

Preview Images

Sosha looks cute and sexy posing for our camera in her blue leggings and yellow tank top
Sosha looks a bit embarassed and you can visibly see that she has started to pee in her leggings
Sosha stares at the ground as she uncontrollably pisses herself
Standing bottomless along a highway, Sosha holds her soaking wet, peed in leggings defiantly