Refusing to Wait

It is a race to the toilet and Alisha wins, but Sosha refuses to wait to relieve her bladder.  No one could predict the very wet result in this kinky video.

The scene opens with both Alisha and Sosha bursting through the bathroom door as they race to the toilet.  Alisha manages to get there first, drops her leggings, and starts to pee.  Clearly desperate to pee, Sosha refuses to try and wait for Alisha.  It has happened before, where they both race to the toilet, Alisha gets their first, and Sosha must struggle to hold on until Alisha is done.

This time, Sosha refuses to wait.  The toilet is right there, relief is so close, she isn’t about to be thwarted by Alisha.  With Alisha still using the toilet, Sosha straddles her, then pees through her jeans onto Alisha’s lap, and down her legs to the floor.  Sosha ends up soaking her pants, peeing all over Alisha, and making a sizeable puddle on the bathroom floor.

At first, Alisha is shocked by Sosha’s actions.  Soon, however, the warm and wet sensation of Sosha’s pee flowing between her legs starts to arouse Alisha.  Alisha confesses that she is turned on, to which Sosha responds with eagerness to please.  With Alisha still sitting on the toilet, and Sosha still straddling her in wet jeans, Sosha reaches her hand down between Alisha’s legs and starts to pleasure her.

It doesn’t take too long before Alisha has an orgasm, still sitting on the toilet.  Having accomplished her goal of making Alisha cum, Sosha dismounts.  For the first time, we finally get to see her soaked jeans from the front.  Alisha also gets up from the toilet, pulling up her leggings which somehow, miraculously, managed not to get any pee on them.  The toilet is flushed and both leave, the puddle left behind on the floor.

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