Purple Panties and Pajamas

Alisha and Sosha are both desperate to pee at the beginning of this video. Alisha is wearing purple panties and Sosha is wearing pajamas.

We get to watch as both girls dance around with full bladders, extremely desperate to pee. Alisha is the first to have an accident- Peeing through her panties while standing up. The stream originating from the crotch of her panties is clearly visible, as is a dark wet patch on her underwear.

When Alisha is done peeing she turns around, showing off the damage to her panties. She ten takes them off, letting us see the wet stain from the inside.

Sosha is still desperate though. It isn’t long before she pees in her pajarams. Her wet pajama bottoms cling to her legs as she pees, becoming partially transparent. Like Alisha, Sosha undresses after she has wet herself and puts on clean, dry panties.