Sosha sits in a puddle of her own pee and feels her wet shorts.

Puddle on the Floor

Wearing a pink shirt and denim shorts, Sosha Belle wets herself while sitting on the floor in this photo set.

In this gallery we find Sosha sitting on a hardwood floor with a playful, naughty smile.  She does some poses for the camera before she pees in her shorts.  The denim fabric grows visibly dark with wetness as she pees herself, and a puddle spreads out around the floor around her.  When she is done peeing she shows off her wet clothes and puddle through various poses.  The entire gallery features more than one hundred high-resolution photographs.

Preview Images

Sitting on the floor she starts to pee in her shorts.
Inspecting her soaking wet shorts after peeing in them.
Spreading her legs to show off her soaking wet denim shorts.
Sitting on the floor in her wet shorts and feeling her pee-puddle.