Sosha peeing in her panties

Puddle on the Floor

Watch Sosha pee through her blue cotton panties, making a giant puddle on the hard wood floor, then get herself off in this incredibly sexy wetting video.

We join Sosha sitting on the floor, wearing only simple blue cotton panties and a white t-shirt.  She is horny and needs to pee.  Since she has a pee fetish, she decides to have some fun.  While sitting on the floor, she pees through her cute underwear, soaking them.  A puddle spreads out across the floor from beneath her.

Once she has finished peeing, Sosha slides around in her puddle, enjoying the wetness.  Still wearing her pee-soaked panties, she begins to rub herself.  Sitting in the middle of her puddle on the floor, it isn’t long before she brings herself to an intense orgasm.

Preview Images

Sitting on the floor wearing blue panties and a t-shirt
Sosha is feeling naughty
She needs to pee
Starting to wet her panties
Peeing in her underwear and making a puddle on the floor
Enjoying the pee-puddle she just made on the floor
Sliding around in her puddle
Rubbing herself in her wet panties
Masturbating in her peed in underwear
Having an orgasm after peeing in her panties