Sosha wet herself in public

Public Wetting in Overalls

Sosha pees herself in public in this video.

Alright users, we’ve heard your requests.  We know that at least some of you just love seeing a girl humiliate herself in public by wetting her pants.  So, here you go- Sosha, wearing light colored overalls, completely soaks them on a busy street corner, in full view of everyone passing by.

Standing on a busy street, cars rushing by, Sosha is struggling with a full bladder.  Nervous about doing a public wetting video, she just wants to get it over with.  As the cars speed by her, she pees, visibly soaking her overalls.  There is no way to hide her accident.  Every car going past has a clear view of her wet pants.

Humiliated, she runs to the safety and privacy of her car.  As she does so, she runs towards the camera, so we can get a better look at her accident.

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Desperate to pee with nowhere to go
Struggling not to pee her pants
She really, really needs to pee
She has to pee so bad she started leak, making a wet spot on her pants
Peeing herself in public
Sosha wet her overalls in public
Sosha wet herself in public
Sosha wet herself in public