Sosha peeing in her jeans on a public street.

Public Wetting Downtown in the Snow

Here is something we haven’t done before at HD Wetting- A public wetting downtown in the snow!

Many people report cold weather increases their need to pee substantially.  It turns out, Sosha experiences the same effect.  Being outside in the snow makes holding her bladder difficult.  So, in this video, we get to watch Sosha as she walks down a city street in the snow.  Ultimately, she pees in her jeans, completely soaking them.  Afterward, she talks about her accident, saying how she was too cold to even feel embarrassed.

Preview Images

Sosha walking along a street downtown on a snowy day.
Wearing a green coat and jeans, Sosha is desperate to pee as she walks through the snow.
Sosha holds herself trying to stop from leaking.
Sosha's jeans grow visibly wet as she starts to pee herself.
There is no way Sosha can hide the large set pee stain on her jeans.
A look of utter embarrassment is on Sosha's face as she walks through town in her soaking wet pants.
A close-up of Sosha's wet jeans in the car.
After finding the privacy of a friendly car, Sosha laughs about wetting her pants in public.
Close-up shot of Sosha walking through the snow in her wet jeans.
Humiliated, Sosha crosses the street in her wet jeans.