Public Waiting Accident

We find Sosha at the start of this video hanging out on a street corner on her phone. She is supposed to be meeting with her friends, but they seem to be having trouble finding her. Wearing jeans and a t-shirt, Sosha tries to give directions to her friends, but seems to be getting frustrated. She is also crossing her legs and occasionally grabbing her crotch.

It almost seems as if Sosha really needs to pee. Soon, this is confirmed, when a small wet spot appears on her jeans. She is so desperate that she has started to leak into her pants.

Still, she isn’t giving up. As we watch, Sosha does everything she can to hold back the flood, even though her jeans now feature a slowly growing wet patch. Still on the phone, she sounds ever more frantic, trying to describe to her friends how to find her.

Then, it happens- Despite everything, she can’t hold back any longer. The dam bursts and she is peeing her pants on a busy street corner as cars drive past. Humiliated, she tells her friends to forget picking her up and that she’ll take the bus. She then runs away to find a place to hide so everyone won’t see her wet pants.