Public Shorts Wetting

Sosha’s public wetting videos keep getting more and more daring. In this video Sosha pisses in her shorts standing along side a busy street on a clear, sunny day day.

The video starts with Sosha walking along a busy street. As she walks we can see just how busy it is- Cars are driving by almost constantly and there are numerous pedestrians in the area. We get a very good idea of exactly how embarrassing this is going to be for her.

Sosha walks across the street, looking a bit on comfortable. Once she is on the other side of the road we can see her briefly press her legs together, apparently desperate to pee. Almost immediately we are greeted with a flood of fluid flowing from her shorts. The wet stain explodes across the front of her clothes. It is clearly visible and she has no way to hide it.

Cars and people keep passing by as Sosha attempts to get to some place private. The camera continues to record as she walks back across the street and down the sidewalk, all the while soaking wet shorts plainly visible to all who are passing by.