Sitting on the floor, Sosha pees in her pants.

Playing in Her Pee Puddle

Watch Sosha intentionally pee in her pants as she sits on the floor, then play around and masturbate in her puddle in this sexy pee fetish video.

For those of you who are fans of kinky pee fun, without cheesy story lines or scenarios, you’re gonna love this video.  We open with Sosha sitting on the floor, wearing a gray sweater and dark pants.  Needing to pee, and horny, there isn’t much lead up before she wets herself.  Sitting on the floor, Sosha spreads her legs to give us a good view as she pees and the camera zooms in for a close up.  Despite wearing darker colored pants, we can still see them grow visibly wet as she pees and a puddle expands out across the floor.

After Sosha is done peeing she plays around in her puddle.  She rolls around, giving us a view of her soaked ass, pushing her puddle a round with her hands, and feeling  her wet pants.  Eventually she takes off her pants, revealing her blue striped panties.  While still sitting in her puddle she proceeds to masturbate in her sopping wet panties.  We get to continue to watch until she climaxes.  When she is all done she briefly talks about how much fun she h ad before saying goodbye.

Preview Images

Sosha is sitting on the floor, smiling at the camera, needing to pee.
Just before she pees in her pants, Sosha looks down at her crotch.
Sosha spreads her legs and starts to pee in her pants.
Close up as she pees in her pants, creating a puddle on the floor.
Sosha sitting on the floor in wet pants surrounded by the puddle she just made.
While rolling around in her pee-puddle, Sosha shows us her soaking wet ass.
Sosha feels her soaking wet pants.
Close up of Sosha sitting in her pee puddle in her blue striped panties.
Fingering her pussy while wearing soaked panties and sitting in her pee puddle.
Sosha as she climaxes while fingering herself in her peed in panties.