Photos- Sosha’s Self Portraits

If you are a long time member of HD Wetting you may have noticed we have been working hard lately on improving the quality of our still photos. We have invested in setting up our own photo studio in order to bring you amazing studio style wetting photos like these.

I was apprehensive then when Sosha came to me saying she shot some pictures of herself in the bathroom mirror. Using a small point and shoot photo camera and a bathroom mirror generally is not a great way to produce high quality photographs. I was surprised to find that the pictures she gave me were actually great!

The pictures are crystal clear and will lit. To be honest, they are probably the best self portraits I have ever seen done in a bathroom mirror. You get to see Sosha looking very cute in these pictures as she teases the camera. Eventually she ends up stripping down to just her bra and panties. Then she zooms in for a close up as she pisses through her panties standing up. She finishes the photo set by giving you an awesome close up look at her dripping wet panties and getting completely naked.