Photos- Sosha Pees in her Panties

Sosha is back!  This time she is doing a fantastic panty wetting photo shoot for us.

Check out Sosha, wearing only a bra and panties as she teases the camera.  Just these pictures are hot enough, but if that’s all that happened, this wouldn’t be HD Wetting.

As you progress through the photos, you’ll notice Sosha start to look a bit desperate.  She starts crossing her legs and holding herself.  Soon a wet spot appears on the crotch of her pretty pink panties.  Each additional photo shows her panties becoming more and more wet.

Once she is done peeing, she turns around showing off her wet underwear for the camera.

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  1. Kevin Haroldson says:

    Excellent photo shoot of Sosha in pink panties & wetting them so suberbly ! ! Way To Go ! ! , Sosha ! !
    8 Star rating out of 10 Stars ! ! ! Being that it would have been SOOOO Good to have seen the pee streaming from the crotch of those panties ! ! That look SOO AWESOME on You ! ! Keep It Going Girl ! ! !

    Nice color contrast with those type of panties that Sosha had on ! ! To me that is a important aspect of wetting those type of panties Between the wet & dry areas show up real well ! !

    Sosha did Real Great in that one ! ! !

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