Photos- Sosha Peeing in her Jeans

Not only is Sosha great at making awesome high definition wetting videos, but she also does a stunning model for photos as well.

In this photo set we get to see Sosha grow progressively more desperate until she eventually pees in her pants! Once she is done peeing she turns around and does some poses, letting the camera capture her soaking wet denim from all the right angles.

Of course, since this is a photo set with Sosha, she has no problem taking of her wet pants, panties, and everything else. In the end, this photo set has it all- Sexy jeans wetting with a super hot girl, beautifully composed images of soaking wet jeans, and a sexy strip tease to round it off with.

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  1. Kevin Haroldson says:

    Sosha , You look so attractive in that photo shoot . ! ! That You , posed for in dark blue jeans ! ! AWESOME , GIRL ! !
    It's not often that I come across a girl like You . That enjoys this fetish ! Keep it going ! ! I enjoy watching how You perform it . Whether in jeans , shorts , skirts , dresses , panties ! ! Even in the nude ! ! You do look attractive as You are ! ! Great job there ! !

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