Photos- Roxanne Peeing in her Jeans

Roxanne completely soaks her jeans in this photo set.

Being released now for the first time, this is actually one of Roxanne’s first ever shoots with HD Wetting.  She was nervous about if she would be able to pee on camera, so to prepare she had been drinking lots of sports drinks.  By the time we were ready for her to pee her pants, she was bursting.  The flood she unleashed into her jeans was really something to behold.  As you can tell in these photographs, her pants ended up completely soaked.

After she was done peeing Roxanne was happy to take her clothes off for the camera.  The pictures continue to show Roxanne as she undresses, removing her soaking wet jeans, and gets completely naked.

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  1. Kevin Haroldson says:

    The photos werw Excellent of Roanne , She was bursting alright at needeing to pee soaking her jeans so well. Again it all went to the back when she peed it all out. . Wonder why that is ? Anyone know the answer ?

    Otherwise, A very good photo shoot . That I Hope , Roxanne enjoyed being filmed by being in front of a camera . Peeing for the very first time on a site . Plus the attention she might get . From those of us . Who enjoy watching young women wet themselves in front of a camera . Like she did here.

    Roxanne , I hope ,I can say this to you. You are very attractive young woman. With a very nice body , breasts, and a very sweet looking pussy as well to top off everything about you . Including your joy of wetting / peeing yourself . The way you did. Just terrific at what you performed in front of that camea in that set .


  2. Bob Kempston says:

    would love to see Roxanne in tight white pants with pee stains from from two or three previous wettings from a few days before, i think a lot of us would enjoy this. the under wear would be nice also!!! is this possible????????

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