Photos- Peeing in her Blue Panties

This photo set features the lovely Sosha peeing in her blue cotton panties. You get to enjoy high resolution photos of Sosha showing off in just her panties and a bra. The camera then goes in for an awesome close up as Sosha pees, producing a nice, heavy, visible stream straight from her underwear. After she is done peeing she takes time to show off the wet crotch of her undies.

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  1. Kevin Haroldson says:

    Nice photo shoot of , Sosha , she has a great style of being photographed . That of being filmed for a video as well .
    Sosha , you are so very attractive & I Hope you enjoy being so Naughty in front of that camera . As well as when you are not being filmed at all
    You have done very well ! ! Two thumbs up for being so sexy & so naughty at the same time

    Take Care ,


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