Photos- Nikko’s Photo Studio Wetting

This photo set takes us into the studio with Nikko where, posing in front of the studio lights and backdrop, she pees in her jeans.

We join Nikko in the studio as she poses in her black, sleeveless shirt, and jeans. After several poses we get some pictures were Nikko looks desperate to pee. Her desperation increases, clearly evident in the photos, before she wets her pants.

When she does pee in her pants, it is captured by several photos. Now wet, we get some more shots of her showing off her wet jeans and teasing the camera. Finally, she takes off her wet pants, holding them up for the camera and letting us check her out as she poses naked from the waist down.

The images shown here are just some of the pictures in this image set. They are presented here for sample purposes only. There are many more photos in the full gallery.