Photos- Mikki pees her pants

You’re gonna love these high resolution pictures of Mikki pissing in her pants.  Mikki was truly desperate to pee before taking these pictures, so you get a complete flood!  Not just some tiny, barely visible, wet stain.

This photo set shows every stage of the wetting in exquisite detail.  It starts off with some amazing images of pure desperation as Mikki crosses her legs and holds herself, struggling to contain the flood that is about to be unleashed in her pants.  A series of photos then shows the very first drops as they seem through the crotch of her clothes and start to spread.  There is not stopping it, and soon her pants are completely soaked.

After she is done peeing she takes some time to show off her saturated trousers.  The photo set then continues as Mikki undresses, revealing the cutest pair of soaking wet pink panties you’ve ever seen!