Photos- Julie and Genny

Epic is the only word that can describe this photo set. It contains 99 high resolution images of Julie and Genny in various sexy scenarios.

First you get to enjoy Julie and Genny engaged in a squirt gun fight.  Since they are already wet with water, neither girl hesitates to pee in their pants when they need to go.

That is followed by an incredibly sexy series showing Julie being absolutely adorable as she models her overalls. Of course she eventually pisses her pants.  After she is done peeing she takes the soaking overalls off revealing her sexy, soaking blue cotton panties.

Next you get a 16 photo bondage set where Julie ties Genny to a chair outside.  Genny is wearing a sexy red top and tight blue jeans.  Needing to pee and unable to move, Genny pees in her pants.

After that we move inside where Julie pees through her pants giving Genny a fully clothed golden shower.  Both girls then compete to see who can be the first to put out a candle by peeing through their panties.

You get all this in just this one photo set.

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  1. Michael says:

    Very very hot, but too sad that there is only a photoset. Has nobody recorded it? I would like to see it in action!!!

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