Photos- Julie and Genny Mega Gallery

You get hundreds of pictures featuring Julie and Genny in this massive photo gallery.

The gallery starts with a series featuring Genny tied up outside and desperate to pee.  Julie is there too, but she just relaxes in a lawn chair as Genny becomes more and more desperate. Eventually Genny can’t hold it anymore and has an accident in her shorts.

Next up, it is Julie’s turn to get wet.  We get to see Julie squat outside and pee through her panties.

Back to Genny who is now wearing a skirt and a sexy shiny top that shows off her ample cleavage. Genny lifts up her skirt between her legs and pees all over it, leaving a very large visible wet spot.

Finally the gallery is rounded out with Julie in a series that wetlook fans are going to love.  Julie is soaked from head to toe, wearing only panties, a bra, and a thin white shirt.