Photos- Desperate Jeans Wetting

This giant photo set features Sosha getting desperate to pee before soaking her jeans.

Featuring 149 high resolution photographs you get to check out Sosha as she hangs out in her tight jeans. Clicking through the photos it becomes obvious that she is struggling with a very full bladder. Unable to hold it any longer she wet her pants, soaking her jeans.

The camera captures every detail as she pees her pants. From the very first tiny wet spot to being completely soaked and everything in between. You get to see her wet pants glisten as the liquid forces its way through the denim and runs down her legs. After she is finished peeing she takes time to show off her wet pants for the camera.

The images shown here are just some of the pictures in this image set. They are presented here for sample purposes only. There are many more photos in the full gallery.