Photos- Desperate Jeans Flooding

After being desperate to pee Alisha soaks her jeans in this photo set.

We start off this photo set with Alisha outside looking super cute in her jeans and black hoodie. Progressing through the photos it becomes clear that she needs to pee. She is crossing her legs, holding herself, and bending over, desperate to urinate.

When she finally lets go the camera captures every detail of her accident. At first there is just a small wet spot between her legs, but it soon grows to a giant wet stain. Her jeans glisten in the sun light as the fluid flows through them. Streams of warm urine pour from the bottom of her pants to the ground.

Once Alisha has finished peeing in her pants we are treated to several more pictures. Still in her completely saturated pants she shows off for the camera. As she poses for the camera we can clearly see that there is hardly a dry spot left anywhere on her jeans.

The images shown here are just some of the pictures in this image set. They are presented here for sample purposes only. There are many more photos in the full gallery.