Freezing cold, Sosha pees herself to warm up.

Peeing While Freezing

While shooting wetting videos outside, the temperature suddenly plummeted.  Sosha was absolutely freezing, but she still had to pee.  Lucky for her, pee is warm.

Wearing bright green pants, Sosha decided to wet herself to warm up.  The freezing cold weather made it easy for her to let go.  We are treated to a close up shot as she pees in her pants.  As streams run down her leg, the camera pans down, showing the puddle forming on the ground under her.

The warm pee provides a brief comfort against the cold, but it doesn’t take long to cool off.  Left with cold, wet pants on, Sosha quickly wraps up the video in order to go seek a more permanent solution to staying warm.

Preview Images

Sosha is freezing cold
And she is desperate to pee
Wetting her pants in the freezing weather feels so good
Soaking her bright green pants
Her pee streams down her leg and makes a puddle on the ground
Wetting her pants briefly warmed her up