Close up of Sosha peeing through her panties into the toilet

Peeing on the Toilet in Panties

Sosha intentionally pees in her panties in this very erotic pissing video.

This video was sent to us by Sosha, who shot it by herself with her phone in her bathroom.  Feeling naughty, and needing to pee, she decided to piss in her panties, record it, and share the resulting video with all of us.  In the video she sits on the toilet, but doesn’t pull down her underwear first.  She pees in the toilet just like normal, only leaving her panties on.

Her pee flows through the cotton fabric of her underwear, rendering it dark with wetness, as liquid streams pour into the toilet bowl.  Sosha loves feeling the warm, wet fabric against her pussy as she pees and can’t help but smile as the relief washes over her.  Once she is done peeing she can’t help rubbing herself through her soaked panties.  Sitting on the toilet in peed in underwear, masturbating, it isn’t long before she has an orgasm.  Upon collecting herself after climaxing she says goodbye and stops recording.

Preview Images

Sosha gives us a naughty smile as she sits on the toilet, preparing to pee in her panties
Close up of Sosha's underwear just before she pees in them
A visible dark patch appears on her underwear as she starts to pee
Her gray cotton panties have a large, dark, visible wet patch as she pees through them
Sitting on the toilet, Sosha looks happy after she peed in her panties
Full body shot of Sosha on the toilet showing of her wet underwear
Close up shot of Sosha rubbing herself in her peed in panties
Sosha's orgasm face
Another angle of Sosha rubbing herself in her pissy wet panties
Sosha saying goodbye at the end of the video after she climaxes