Peeing through her red panties on the toilet

Peeing Through Red Panties

This video shows Sosha sitting on the toilet, with her panties still on, peeing through them, then masturbating once they are all good and wet.

Sosha filmed this video herself in her own bathroom.  In the video she records herself sitting on the toilet, wearing red panties.  Without pulling her underwear down she pees.  We can see and here her stream as she goes through her panties.

After she is done peeing her underwear has a visible wet stain, which she briefly shows off before she starts to touch herself.  Not taking her wet panties off, she continues to film herself as she masturbates in them.  Once she climaxes she says a brief goodbye and stops recording.

Preview Images

Sosha filming herself in the bathroom
Sitting on the toilet wearing red panties
peeing through her red panties on the toilet
showing off her wet panties after she peed in them
Starting to touch herself in her pissy-wet panties
Close up of Sosha masturbating wearing the underwear she just peed in
A different shot of Sosha masturbating in her wet underwear
Sosha's face just before she climaxes
Sosha's had inside her wet, peed in, panties
Feeling how wet her panties are after she pees and cums in them