Alisha pees in her jeans and panties

Peeing in Jeans and Panties

Check out this photo set with Alisha as she pees in her faded jeans, completely soaking them.

This sexy photo set features more than 90 exclusive photos of Alisha Adam’s as she poses for the camera, grows desperate, and pees in her pants.  She is wearing faded jeans and blue cotton panties, which are left completely soaked.  After she wets her pants, she happily shows off the wet patch for the camera.  Then, she unzips her pants and flashes her visibly soaked panties.

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Alisha looks cute in her faded jeans and gray t-shirt
Her jeans glisten with wetness as she pees in her pants
The back of Alisha's jeans are soaked after she peed herself
Pulling down her wet jeans, Alisha gives us a look at her peed in underwear