Close-up of Alisha peeing through her panties on the toilet.

Peeing in the Toilet Wearing Panties

In what is a somewhat unusual occurrence for an HD Wetting video, Alisha actually manages to pee in the toilet.  If you are here to see some wetting, don’t worry, she leaves her panties on as she goes.

Alisha shot this video herself, on her phone in her bathroom, and decided to share it with all of us.  In the video, she shows us her white and yellow striped panties before sitting down on the toilet and peeing.  As she pees in the toilet, she holds her phone so we can see her underwear grow wet as she relieves herself.  After she finishes peeing she gives us a look at her wet panties before saying goodbye.

Preview Images

Alisha shows her white and yellow striped panties to the camera.
Sitting on the toilet while wearing panties.
Close-up shot peeing through panties into the toilet.
Her panties are visibly wet as she pees through them on the toilet.
Showing her wet underwear while sitting on the toilet.
Shot of Alisha's face as she sits on the toilet in her wet underwear.
Close-up shot of Alisha's wet panties.