Close-up of Alisha's panties after she peed in them.

Peeing in Her Panties on Purpose

Watch Alisha pee in her panties on purpose in this sexy wetting video.

Sometimes the simplest videos are the best.  For this scene, we present a simple, no frills, panty wetting with Alisha.  Wearing only a black hoodie and cotton panties, Alisha intentionally pees in her underwear.  After wetting herself, she shows off her wet panties to the camera.

Preview Images

Alisha wearing a black hoodie and panties.
Showing off her panties to the camera.
A stream is visible as Alisha pees through her panties.
Close-up shot of Alishas wet underwear.
Close-up showing her pee soaked panties.
After peeing herself, Alisha inspects her wet underwear.
Close-up shot of Alisha pulling down her wet panties and showing her pussy.
Medium close-up showing Alisha's wet panties and drips on her leg.