Sosha smiles after peeing in her pants.

Peeing in Her Jeans in the Forest

In this photo set, we head out into the forest with Sosha to watch her pee in her jeans.

These gorgeous photos take us out into the forest on a beautiful day.  We find Sosha in the midst of a sun-dappled forest wearing jeans and a sweater.  She poses for the camera, looking cute, before peeing in her pants.  The faded denim of her jeans grows visibly dark as she wets her pants.  After she is done peeing, she shows off her wet clothes to our camera.

Preview Images

Holding her crotch, Sosha looks desperate to pee.
A dark wet patch is visible on Sosha's jeans between her legs.
Sosha shows off her peed in pants to the camera.
Wide shot of Sosha in her wet pants.