Sosha pees forcefully through her underwear.

Peeing in Her Blue Panties

Check out these photos of Sosha as she pees through her blue cotton panties.

For this photo set we join Sosha in her living room as she is wearing only a t-shirt and cotton panties.  She poses for our camera, looking cute, before peeing herself.  There are several images as she wets her underwear- First, we get just a tiny wet patch between her legs, but then she lets go fully.  In some of the photos we manage to capture her full stream as it explosively erupts from her underwear, cascading to the floor below.

After she is done peeing she takes some time show off her wet underwear while she is still wearing them.  Turning around, we get to see the visible wet stain on her bottom.  Eventually, she takes off her saturated panties and holds them up, proudly showing off how much she wet them.

Preview Images

Wearing only a t-shirt and panties, Sosha poeses for the camera.
Having dribbled a little in her underwear, a wet patch is visible as some drops fall to the floor.
A stream is visible, escaping from her underwear, as she continues to pee in her panties.
After she is done peeing she shows off her wet panties.