Close-up of Sosha wearing her wet jeans.

Peeing Her Jeans in Public

This is so embarrassing; Sosha totally pees in her jeans in a very public setting in this video.

In this scene, we find Sosha next to a busy public street, desperate to pee.  As cars drive past she squeezes her legs and holds her crotch, trying not to have an accident.  Ultimately, her attempts at holding back the flood prove to be futile.  With cars speeding past her she pees in her jeans, leaving a visible puddle on the pavement under her.

Humiliated, she runs away, trying unsuccessfully to cover the visible wet stain on her pants.  Once she finds some privacy we get a chance to examine her wet clothes more closely and she talks about the experience.

Preview Images

Desperate to pee, Sosha dances around and holds herself.
Sosha looks down in horor as she starts to pee her pants.
Cars speed by as she pees in her jeans.
Standing next to a busy street, Sosha wets herself in public.
After wetting her pants she tries to run away.
Sosha tries unsuccessfully to cover her accident with her shirt.
The wet patch is clearly visible on her pants as she runs to privacy.
Another shot of Sosha trying to use her shirt to hide her accident.
Close-up of Sosha's wet jeans.
Talking about her public wetting accident.