View from behind as Sosha pees in her blue cotton panties

Peeing in Her Blue Panties

Check out the stunning Sosha Belle in this incredible underwear wetting photo set.

Expertly executed, this photo set is brilliant in its simplicity.  Here we have a single gorgeous model, posing only in her light blue cotton panties, intentionally peeing herself.  Set in an ordinary location, a living room, and with relatively simple lighting, nothing about this set seems extraordinary.  Yet, every element is executed incredibly; from the model’s poses, to the color pallet, to the lighting.  As Sosha pees, we get a rare view from behind as her golden fluid flows down her leg from the blue fabric of her underwear.

Once she is done peeing, she gleefully shows off her piss-soaked panties without shame.  Seeming to delight in humiliation, she takes the underwear off and holds them up to the camera, desperately wanting us to appreciate the full volume that she expelled.  It is here that this stunning photo set reaches its termination, with our stunning model standing completely nude, unashamed, proudly grasping the underwear she just childishly soiled, contently smirking at the camera.

Preview Images

Wearing only blue cotton panties, Sosha poses for the camera
Sosha smiles gleefully as she pees in her underwear
Her panties are visibly wet after she pees in them
Proudly holding her wet underwear up to the camera