Panties Down

Sosha is insanely desperate to pee, but holding on. Alisha decides to pee in front of Sosha in the hopes that it will encourage Sosha to have an accident.

We start this video with a very, very desperate Sosha. She is dancing around in her panties and holding herself. It is clear that she needs to pee extremely bad, but she is managing to hold on.

Alisha also needs to pee, though not nearly to the extent that Sosha does. Alisha thinks it will be entertaining to pee in front of Sosha. Perhaps watching Alisha pee will bee too much for Sosha and she will have an accident.

Standing in front of Sosha, Alisha pulls down her panties a bit. She then pees, standing up, into her cute blue panties. We can clearly see Alisha’s stream exit her body and soak the crotch of her cotton underwear. Multiple streams then flow from her panties to the floor.

Sosha watches all this, but manages to hold on. She is extremely desperate, but manages not to have an accident.

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