Paige’s Pad

Paige pees in her maxi-pad in this video.

After having wet her pants several times, Paige was curious if a maxi-pad would provide much protection against bladder leakage.  She decided to try it out in this video.

In this video, Paige waits until her bladder is full before putting a pad in her panties.  Once the pad is in place and everything is secure, Paige lets go, peeing a full, forceful stream into the pad.  Almost immediately it is more then the pad can handle.  Torrents of warm pee are soon overflowing the pad and running out of Paige’s panties.

The verdict- A pad might work well for a dribble here or there, but it will do little to help with a full out wetting.

This video shows-

  • Paige inserting a maxi pad into her panties.
  • Paige peeing a full, forceful stream directly into the pad.
  • The pad overflowing and pee pouring out of Paige’s panties.
  • Paige taking off her wet panties and removing the pad.
  • Squeezing the pad to see how much it soaked up.
  • Paige inspecting her wet panties.