Orgasm Problem

Nikko has an embarrassing problem- Every time she has an orgasm she pees. Concerned, she goes to the doctor, but must first convince the nurse the problem is real.

We join Nikko in this video as she goes to the doctor to seek treatment for her embarrassing problem. She explains her issue to Sosha, the nurse, but Sosha isn’t convinced that this is really. It is possible, Sosha believes, that Nikko is a squirter, she isn’t really peeing her pants.

Before troubling the doctor with this, Sosha feels it is her duty to determine if Nikko even actually has a problem. The only way to do this, Sosha figures, is to make Nikko cum and see what happens.

Sosha has Nikko lay back on the exam table, relax, and starts rubbing her. After several minutes, Nikko climaxes. Sure enough, as she has an orgasm she pees uncontrollably in her pants as Sosha is still rubbing. You can clearly see her pants grow dark and wet, her pee pools under her, and eventually spills from the exam table onto the floor.

Nikko is embarrassed, but Sosha tries to reassure her. Sosha writes down what she has learned and heads off to get the doctor, leaving Nikko alone.